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Welcome to LGT Marketing Splash Page Creator!
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Splash Page Creator - Affiliate Banner Page Manager - Contact List Builder

Here at LGT Splash Page Creator you can build quality splash pages for any opportunity by using our splash page creator service. For those that want more we have just added a new affiliate banner page service where you can build and manage your own banner pages. Just add your banner images, description, and a text link, then "click update" and view your pages. Like what you see just grab the link in the address bar and begin promoting! There's more...

You can also add 4 social media links to your banner pages! Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, Link-In, and Google Plus Page? If so you can connect with new contacts right off your affiliate banner pages. You can also place your photo on your page by providing your Gravatar Email address. Promote up to 15 opportunities, and brand your name at the same time!

Want to build a list? Click the "List Builder" link and begin! Watch the short videos and learn how to setup your first list building campaign! Add your responder number you created through your LGT Responder service, copy an E-course into your responder, add a campaign message, and view the list building templates. Find one you like and begin promoting! We even built you a Confirmation and Success redirect template for your subscribers. To get started Just View the "Easy List Building Setup Videos" in your member area.

You're in control of your pages and can change them at anytime! To use all the pro tools provided here you will have to upgrade to our paid membership at only $4.95 a month.

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