Affiliate Marketing Profits Campaign

This campaign consists of a 7 email follow up message series.

The Copy Code = all lower case.  lgt4uandme

Confirmation Email Message

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Hello [FNAME], Thank you for your interest in the
Affiliate Marketing Profits Crash Course. It is very
important that you confirm your subscription so that
we can start sending your messages.

Please take a minute and click the link below to
confirm. We will send your first lesson as soon as we
receive your conformation. Remember we value your
privacy. We will never rent, share or sell your email



Your Redirects After Signup

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confirmation Redirect Member ID

We suggest that you use our Ad-Track-Pro or LGT Marketing Tracker in your member area to promote all campaigns.

What your subscriber will learn

Affiliate Marketing Profits will give your subscriber the following information bellow.

They'll Learn Exactly What they Need To Know About  Researching and Choosing Great Affiliate Programs Plus How To Promote Them For Maximum Results Profits!

This course is specifically designed with beginners in mind, so even if you've never joined or promoted an affiliate product before you will be able to quickly take the steps necessary to get your business up and running fast!